Residential VoIP - Phone Service

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Service allows customers to use a normal multi-handset cordless phone system to make calls anywhere in the US. Service includes unlimited local and domestic long distance, caller-id, call waiting, voicemail-to-email, and more.

Business VoIP - PBX with Auto Attendant

Business Voice Over IP (VoIP) PBX. Includes business IVR (auto-attendant) with flexible, multilayer prompts, company directory, voicemail, follow-me, ring groups, time scheduling (office hours/after hours), and more.

Business VoIP - DID Number

A single local or toll-free number

Business VoIP - Extension

A Voice Over IP (VoIP) extension (aka "seat") is a single end user extension within a PBX.

Phone Number (DID) Porting Service

Would you like to bring your phone number over from your old service? We can do that. Give us a current copy of your phone bill (signed) and we should have it in our system within about 10 calendar days.

Business VoIP - Fax Line

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Service can allow for incoming and outgoing faxes. Requires ATA rental and programming.